08 July 2013


We're in the midst of a hot, humid summer.  In times like these Craig and I long for our dry west coast summers.  We also frequently discuss our ideal places to live.

This week Craig told me that he can imagine being a snowbird.  I admitted that while I mocked the idea of snowbirds when I was growing up, my time on the east coast has warmed me to the idea.  But, I don't want to be an east coast snowbird (Florida?  No, thank you.).  It's the west coast for me.

And so we debated which west coast locale would be the best: Arizona?  New Mexico? California?  I lean New Mexico, Craig leans Arizona.  What do you think?

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Shannon said...

I have family in both, so I'm kind of impartial. If I were to remove the family factor, I'd probably lean towards New Mexico because there are fewer people. I get tired of crowding sometimes. California is great and I enjoyed our time living there, but I wouldn't go back. Have you seen the cost of gas there?! To be honest, I'd be a sun bird- Oregon coast or Northern ID/MT in the summer, UT in the winter. I'm not a huge heat fan except when it comes to growing my garden!

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