12 July 2013

At the Park

The details: Floral & polka dot papers and flower sticker- "August" by Creativity by Crystal; Papers: orange-"Mommy Dearest" by Keeley Simpson, red-"Apple of my Eye" by Royanna Fristchmann, blue-"Echoes of Asia" by Jessica Sprague, green-"Girl Friday" by Cosmo Cricket; Corner brush-"Photo Corner Swirls" by Jessica Sprague
Was this really 10 years ago?  Wow!  Times flies!  I love the happy colors on this page.

08 July 2013


We're in the midst of a hot, humid summer.  In times like these Craig and I long for our dry west coast summers.  We also frequently discuss our ideal places to live.

This week Craig told me that he can imagine being a snowbird.  I admitted that while I mocked the idea of snowbirds when I was growing up, my time on the east coast has warmed me to the idea.  But, I don't want to be an east coast snowbird (Florida?  No, thank you.).  It's the west coast for me.

And so we debated which west coast locale would be the best: Arizona?  New Mexico? California?  I lean New Mexico, Craig leans Arizona.  What do you think?

05 July 2013

Swim page

I love the movement, the feel of water flowing, in this page.

03 July 2013

Keeping the Kids Entertained

A few nights ago I had a dream wherein my family was visiting the area in Oregon where I grew up.  In the dream I became panicked when my kids asked what we were going to do.  I couldn't think of a single thing that might entertain them.  Nothing.

As I hovered between sleep and waking I became aware that I had been experiencing a dream and quickly ran through a list of things that I would take my kids to do in southern Oregon.  I took a deep breath and realized that my dream problem had a solution.

Later in the day I was thinking about the dream and the feeling of not being able to entertain my kids.  I wondered why that was.  Then I reflected on my childhood and how I spent it.

I was never bored, there was always something to do.  But rarely was that something a museum, swimming pool, or park.  The ranch was my playground.  My siblings were my playmates.  We didn't have neighbors to run around the neighborhood with.

And so I've been wondering if we over-entertain our kids.  Why are we constantly looking for playdates, day camps and projects?  Can't we just let them be kids?

01 July 2013

Still here

Have you missed me?  It's been nearly two months since I've posted here, and I've seriously considered giving it up all together.  What brought me back?  The last couple of weeks I've had thoughts of, "I should blog that!"  So here I am.

In my absence I spent an excessive amount of time on end of year school activities  and also got my photography website up and running.  I'm pretty much in love with it.  See here.

We are now enjoying our summer, especially the pool.  If we could just stop these crazy thunderstorms and flash floods!
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