23 April 2013

Pie in the Face

Recently our school sold pies for a fundraiser.  Every student who sold at least one pie had their name put in a drawing to throw a pie in the face of either the principal, or one of the most popular teachers at school.  My kids each had their name in the pot, and both the boys were chosen!

 Lew getting ready to throw his pie.  Kindergarteners got to go first, so he broke Mr. Q in!

 A shoulder hit....better than nothing.

Dogger also got to throw at Mr. Q.

 Another shoulder hit!  It appears we need to practice our pie in the face skills.

About half way through the torture.....good sports!

 After all the students from the drawing had their chance two teachers were invited to throw pies as well.  Both Dogger's and Goosey's teachers were chosen.

 Please take note of Mrs. D's face in each picture.  Priceless.

They definitely enjoyed it.

The two victims.

1 comment:

Jenniflower said...

What a great idea for a fundraiser! And it looks like everyone had so much fun!!

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