09 April 2013

Flat Stanley

Last spring a high school classmate posted on Facebook the need for volunteers to host Flat Stanley for  some of her second grade students.  Since we live on the opposite side of the country from her, and her students, I thought it would be fun for them to have Stanley visit New England.

 Stanley is showing the west coast students that American and Cheddar cheeses are white on the east coast.

Stanley kept hearing about whoopie pies, and wondered what they were.  It took him to the grocery store and showed him.  They're like mini chocolate cakes with vanilla frosting in the middle.  New Englanders love them.

Stanley was surprised to see that many of the houses in New England look just like the ones he drew as a young child-- rectangles with lots of windows and a door on the front.  Here he is in front of our New Hampshire home.

Stanely enjoyed eating a New England classic, a fluffernutter sandwhich.

Stanley admires architecture, so he was thrilled to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Manchester, NH.

Stanley is once again visiting us.  He seems very excited to be able to see the Philadelphia area this year.  I'll post pictures of his PA adventures once he journeys home to Oregon.

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Shannon said...

We did the same thing for our nephew when he was in 2nd grade and we were in Manchester. It was so much fun. He came in the winter, so the first thing Erica did was make him a snow suit and cover it with Saran Wrap so he could play outside!. Such fun. Nobody wants us to help anymore now that we're in UT. Oh well. Enjoy his visit again this year!

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