27 March 2013

Cabesh Goes to Washington: part 4, Smithsonians and USBG

Here's something completely cool about the Smithsonian museums:  with only a couple of exceptions, they're free!  This does make the museums quite crowded, especially the more popular ones.  But, they are top-notch and worth fighting the crowds.  We devoted an entire day to the museums and barely scratched the surface by visiting two museums, but not seeing everything in either.

Dogger dreaming of becoming a fighter pilot.
The Air and Space Museum was our first stop.  It's full of airplanes, missiles, and space paraphernalia. So cool!  There's even an exhibit with hands on experiments to show kids how the science behind flying works.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers
Here's where I admit that I didn't want to haul my camera around on museum day, so all the photos are from my phone.  I regret that now.

Our second museum was the American History Museum.  This was the #1 thing to see for both Chloe and me.  The American History Museum currently has an entire wing under renovation.  But, we still got to see lots of cool stuff!  In addition to these pictures we saw a WWII wedding dress made from a (used) parachute, the Gunboat Philadelphia and the original Star Spangled Banner.   I loved this museum, and could've stayed much longer, but it was so crowded, and the kids were exhausted.

Sunstone from the LDS Nauvoo Temple.

Kermit the Frog

In the "desert" at the USBG.
Finally, we have the United States Bontanic Garden.  We didn't know about this gem, but happened upon it while walking home from the Capitol.  The USBG also has free admission, and is quite fun to wander about.  The entire thing is a greenhouse, with multiple rooms housing plants from diverse climates.  My kids got a kick out of the desert room because they've never been to the southwest!

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Popcorn House said...

AWESOME! Love all your pictures!!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

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