19 March 2013

Cabesh Goes to Washington, part 3: Checks and Balances

The White House
The White House just might be the most disappointing photo-op in Washington.  You just can't get close to it.  There was such a crowd outside the fence that we had to wait for a spot to open up, then snap the photo quickly because some tourists think it's okay to stand in front of children who are having their picture taken.  But, this was Lew's number one thing to see in Washington, so mission accomplished!

United States Supreme Court Building
We didn't have time to go to the Supreme Court Building, but how cool would that be?  Next time.

Craig and the kids in front of the Capitol Reflection Pool.
Craig's number one thing to see was the Capitol building.  We failed to plan well enough and missed the last tour by five minutes.  Put that on the to-do list for our next visit!

Ceremonial (east) side of the Capitol.
The front of the U.S. Capitol is completely fenced off in the front, but you can pretty much walk right up to the back of it.....if the policeman and other security carrying very large guns doesn't make you nervous.

The sky was crazy-gorgeous while we were at the Capitol.

This is where they take the pictures of each Congress.


Popcorn House said...

I have LOVED all of your Washington DC pictures. We are planning on going there this summer while we are at the beach! We are going to firm up plans this next week so I will let you know when we will be close by you guys!!! Or if you want to come to the beach that would be super fun too!

Beautiful pictures as always!

Jackie said...

Your pictures are fabulous! What a talented lady! Looks like you all had so much fun. Love the very very cute little subjects in the pictures too! Thanks for sharing... Love them!

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