12 March 2013

Cabesh Goes to Washington, part 2: More monuments

Korean War Memorial
I had never even seen a picture of the Korean War Memorial.  I loved it.  There was something about these life-sized soldier statues that really struck me.

Lincoln Memorial
The weather was so gorgeous that there were people everywhere at the Lincoln Memorial.

The man, himself.
Lincoln is definitely large, but for some reason I found this monument underwhelming.  Maybe the great hype/buildup/use in movies.  Not sure what it was.

Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.
The view, however, of the reflecting pool and and Washington Monument was not underwhelming.  

WWII Memorial
Unfortunately, the WWII Memorial's fountains were shut down for the winter.  It's still my favorite memorial.  I love the wreaths for each state,  and the feeling I get when I set foot there.  Maybe it's a little more dear to my heart because both of my grandfathers served in the War.  One each theater.

Vietnam War Memorial
We were overwhelmed by the number of names on the Vietnam War Memorial.  The kids wanted to know so much more about the War.  This was my first time to this memorial, and I felt a sadness and reverence here.  I thought of my Uncle Mike, who served multiple tours in Vietnam as a Marine, but miraculously came home in one (physical) piece.  He's gone now, but I honor him, and those who served as he did.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
The MLK Memorial has beautiful symbolism.  Along the walls of the memorial are famous quotes by Dr. King.
My favorite quote.

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