05 March 2013

Cabesh goes to Washington, part 1: Washington and Jefferson

Growing up, Washington meant the state north of Oregon.  The capital of our nation was called D.C.  Now that we live on the east coast that has all changed.  Washington means Washington D.C. and the state where Craig grew up is Washington State.  So much confusion before we learned that.  (On this trip we learned that locals call the capital the District, so there's another name to throw in the pot.)

A few weekends ago we took our kids to Washington (D.C) for the first time.  Everyone had one thing they really wanted to see, or do, and we managed to fit everything in.

Dogger really, really wanted to see the Washington Monument.  All the kids were so excited when we walked the two blocks from our hotel to the mall, and then I told them to look to the left.  There it was!

The weather was gorgeous on our monument seeing day.  We hit a high of 60 degrees (in February!) and the sky was clear and gorgeous.

En route to the Jefferson Memorial.  The only bummer about going in February was not being able to see the cherry trees in bloom.

 The kids were pretty ticked off that we "stole" the Greeks' architectural style.

 Those columns are huge.  Absolutely monstrous.  Dogger looks so tiny.

 Goosey and Jefferson.

The Jefferson Monument was my favorite site we visited on this trip.

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