19 February 2013

Sledding in the backyard

 One of the things we've loved about living in Pennsylvania is the milder weather.  I admit, every time our New Hampshire FB friends post pictures of the mounds of snow they've gotten this winter we pat ourselves on the back for our decision to move.  But, if you ask my kids, winter wouldn't be winter without at least a little bit of snow.

 Luckily, PA delivers.  We get the occasional snow (once every week or two) of 2-6" inches.  The kids go out and play in it, and within a day or two it has completely melted.  Love that!  Of course, the irony is that we finally bought a snowblower this year, before we found out we were moving.

 Our house has this backyard that slopes down to a creek.  To the side of the driveway is a perfect walkway for sledding down the hill.  We try not to go into the creek, but we've had a couple incidents.  Thank goodness it's not very deep, especially in the winter.

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