12 February 2013

I Want to be the Best I Can

A few days after Christmas Dogger turned eight.  In our church children can be baptized once they are eight, and Dogger chose to do so!

Dogger is a great kid with an amazing brain.  Amazing.  He is constantly surprising me with his ability to reason and to grasp abstract concepts.  He's also quite a creator, always coming up with new stories, games and inventions.

 Both sets of grandparents were able to make it for the baptism.  It was so great to have them here. (I have no idea why my mom never looks at the camera during group photos, or why my in-laws were posing for the prom.  But I love them all, so we'll overlook it this time.)

About two hours before Dogger's baptism was scheduled it began to snow, then it snowed and snowed and snowed some more.  Our usual 30 minute drive to the church took closer to an hour as we slowly traversed the slippery roads.  After the baptism it was still snowing, but the roads had been cleared, so going home was much less stressful.  What a day to remember!


Shannon said...


Popcorn House said...

Congratulations! What a fun day! I was literally LOL at your posing for the prom comment. So funny, you will never forget this picture!

Lindsey said...

Love the prom pose! When did she get her ears pierced? I must have missed that!

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