26 February 2013

Grammie and Grandpa go to Philly

Grammie and Grandpa came to visit over Christmas break.  We decided to take them into the city.  It was their first time visiting Philadelphia.

Lew and Grandpa riding the train to Philly.  Hard to tell from this picture, but these two are twiners.

Train station murals.

 Grandpa teaching Goosey to shoot pool in the "lounge" on Craig's floor at work. #lifeskills

Philly from above. 

Grammie's first skyscraper!

Independence Hall

 At the Constitution Center we learned about the first symbol of the revolution.

 And then tried bamboo pens.

This good fellow fought in the Revolutionary War and gave us tips on the best ale houses near our new home.

And then some light music to finish off our visit.

On we went to see the Liberty Bell.

Christmas decorations, Philly style.

And then back to the train station to head home.  All train stations should be so pretty.

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