27 February 2013

Spring can't come soon enough

Crocus in our NH front yard....mid-April.
It feels like spring is just around the corner here.  Yesterday morning, when I woke, I noticed a bird singing.  I haven't heard that in a long while.

This morning it's misty and overcast, but warm.  After walking the kids to the bus stop I realized there were lots of birds saying hello.  As I walked down our driveway I saw that we have what appear to be daffodils (and maybe one crocus) shooting up everywhere.  I love living in a new home and not knowing what surprises spring will bring in the garden.

I'm sure this won't last because it is only February.  In the Northeast.  Sometimes I long for my mild Oregon winters, where the daffodils would be in full bloom by now.

26 February 2013

Grammie and Grandpa go to Philly

Grammie and Grandpa came to visit over Christmas break.  We decided to take them into the city.  It was their first time visiting Philadelphia.

Lew and Grandpa riding the train to Philly.  Hard to tell from this picture, but these two are twiners.

Train station murals.

 Grandpa teaching Goosey to shoot pool in the "lounge" on Craig's floor at work. #lifeskills

Philly from above. 

Grammie's first skyscraper!

Independence Hall

 At the Constitution Center we learned about the first symbol of the revolution.

 And then tried bamboo pens.

This good fellow fought in the Revolutionary War and gave us tips on the best ale houses near our new home.

And then some light music to finish off our visit.

On we went to see the Liberty Bell.

Christmas decorations, Philly style.

And then back to the train station to head home.  All train stations should be so pretty.

22 February 2013

Tubing at McIntyre

Overlay-- Suzanne C. Walker, blue paper--Easter Sunday, swirl brush--Blooming Doodlez by Royanna Frischmann; Title brush--Calligraphy, flossy by Jessica Sprague; Ric rac, fuzzy yarn by Marie Stones; Zizag stitch by Ivvone; Glitter--Squlggle Border by LivE
Fun times, tubing in the freezing cold!  This is our first school year without a February break, and I'm pretty sure we're going to miss it.  We'll have to hang on to our memories.

21 February 2013

That roof!

I'm a sucker for yellow houses.  This one has more than color to offer with a Mansard roof, gorgeous dormers, lovely windows and a fantastic porch.

19 February 2013

Sledding in the backyard

 One of the things we've loved about living in Pennsylvania is the milder weather.  I admit, every time our New Hampshire FB friends post pictures of the mounds of snow they've gotten this winter we pat ourselves on the back for our decision to move.  But, if you ask my kids, winter wouldn't be winter without at least a little bit of snow.

 Luckily, PA delivers.  We get the occasional snow (once every week or two) of 2-6" inches.  The kids go out and play in it, and within a day or two it has completely melted.  Love that!  Of course, the irony is that we finally bought a snowblower this year, before we found out we were moving.

 Our house has this backyard that slopes down to a creek.  To the side of the driveway is a perfect walkway for sledding down the hill.  We try not to go into the creek, but we've had a couple incidents.  Thank goodness it's not very deep, especially in the winter.

18 February 2013

Missing Mondays

Do you miss Meet Me Monday posts?  Me too!  Alas, I seem to have run out of family and friends who are willing to be interviewed.  If you would like to be interviewed please let me know.  I'd love to have more Meet Me Mondays....you all are so interesting!

P.S.  Happy Presidents Day.

15 February 2013


All papers- "A Walk in the Park" and alphabet- "For the Record" by Echo Park Paper Co. Feathers-"Pretty Felt Feathers" and flower-"Thrift Store Grab Bag" by Kitschy Designs
I made this page for a weekly template challenge.  The easy part was that the layout was provided, the hard part was putting all the houses into the little tiny boxes.

14 February 2013

12 February 2013

I Want to be the Best I Can

A few days after Christmas Dogger turned eight.  In our church children can be baptized once they are eight, and Dogger chose to do so!

Dogger is a great kid with an amazing brain.  Amazing.  He is constantly surprising me with his ability to reason and to grasp abstract concepts.  He's also quite a creator, always coming up with new stories, games and inventions.

 Both sets of grandparents were able to make it for the baptism.  It was so great to have them here. (I have no idea why my mom never looks at the camera during group photos, or why my in-laws were posing for the prom.  But I love them all, so we'll overlook it this time.)

About two hours before Dogger's baptism was scheduled it began to snow, then it snowed and snowed and snowed some more.  Our usual 30 minute drive to the church took closer to an hour as we slowly traversed the slippery roads.  After the baptism it was still snowing, but the roads had been cleared, so going home was much less stressful.  What a day to remember!

08 February 2013

Cowboy Lew

This page.  I love the all the patterned paper, but I especially love this picture of Lew, all serious and wild west.

07 February 2013

Ranch style

I have a soft spot in my heart for ranch style houses.  I think it's because most of the homes where I grew up were ranchers.  Every now and then I see one that makes me say, "I could live there!"  This home has beautiful stonework and great windows.  I'd love to get a peek inside!

06 February 2013

The Crayola Experience

We let our kids choose between birthday parties or outings on their special day.  This year Dogger chose to go to The Crayola Experience.

The admission was a little pricey, but the kids had a blast.  Everything was very hands on--painting, coloring, creating with clay.  There was so much to do that we didn't even make it all the way through before the kids got tired.

We went over a school break, so it was very, very busy.  Luckily, we had both sets of grandparents with us, so with two adults per kid it was pretty easy to keep track of them.

I would say the only disappointment was that everyone calls it the "Crayola Factory", because it's where the factory used to be.  But, unfortunately, you don't get to actually see the crayons being made.  I was really hoping to live my favorite Mr. Roger's segment.

05 February 2013

Get back in the saddle

I recently read Intuitive Eating.  The idea is to recognize and listen to your body's cues about hunger.  That, along with moderate exercise and making overall healthy choices will bring your body to it's natural weight.  Now there's a concept I can get behind.  So I am!

I've been working on recognizing my body's cues and following them.  I eat when I'm hungry, and I eat what I want--just not to excess.  So far, so good.  Down 4 lbs, without major effort, in the last month.

Starting this week I'll be going to the gym again.  I've signed up for a membership at the local YMCA which will not only provide a gym, but also two pools, and classes and activities for the kids.  I'm really very excited about all of it.

So, here's to healthier living!

01 February 2013


There is so much I love about this page.  I love the filters on the photos, and I especially love that I created this page from scratch.  No template!  I even made the stripey strobe lights and the Boston skyline.  Such fun techniques I learned in this class!
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