21 January 2013

Jen, Just plain awesome

Last year I wrote a blog post about my brother-in-law that generated a comment about how interesting my family is.  I realized that it's so true!  My family is super interesting.  Each Monday I'll be interviewing a family member (or dear friend).  I hope you enjoy these Meet Me Monday posts.

Jen and the love of her life.

Today's interview is with my friend, Jen.

Where do you live?
I live in East Georgia, on an Army Post called Fort Gordon.  We have lived here for about six months.  Before that, we lived in El Paso, Texas for eight years.  I miss El Paso every single day.  Georgia is nice, but it does not feel like home to me.  And there is a paucity of tamales.

What are your hobbies or special interests?
Here is where the honesty comes in:  I don't know what my hobbies and special interests are.  I feel like there is a line in my life:  pre-medication and post-medication.  Let me back up:  I have clinical depression, have had it since I was a tween.  I first started medication in my twenties (up until then I was too afraid to tell anyone how crazy I was, and thought I could just work harder to be happy/stop the anxiety with righteousness.  This did not work.  It never works.  Righteousness and hard work will not make your brain make chemicals it is unable to create on its own.) and felt wonderful.  Then we moved, adopted, did Army things, and little by little my meds stopped working.  I did not realize this, of course, I just thought I was becoming more and more of a failure, more and more tired, more and more hideous, more and more of a horrible person/wife/mother/friend.  I had two miracle babies in a row, and the combination of hormones and depression finally hit me--I was barely able to get out of bed.  If I left the house I had to take DAYS to recover.  Mostly I prayed for God to release me from life--with all seriousness.  I had multiple panic attacks each day, and my sweet husband pretty much did everything for me.  I had no idea that this was not normal.  (All I can say is, imagine being born underwater.  You have no idea that dry land exists, you just figure everything is wet and soggy.  That is how I felt.)  Eventually I was able to tell him how serious I was about dying, and he hauled me in to get help.  Seven months have passed, and some new medications are starting to work in me. So hobbies?  I used to like reading and sewing and exercise.  I think I still might like those things.

What is your current profession?  What did have you done in the past?
I stay home and raise the kids.  It is not my life.  It is not my calling.  It is what I do to make sure the kids are healthy and happy and don't get molested by day care workers or sold to gypsies.  (I was raised by the television.  I have a VERY warped sense of what Day Care is.)  Before I had kids I was a high school English teacher (Student Teaching made me realize how much I hate the children), a secretary (I love accounting and charts and office supplies) and a retail manager (made more than the teaching gig, had to quit before I started stabbing people).  

What made you choose that line of work?
All three I fell into, because I was super lazy about deciding.  I figured I would be a mom, and so didn't need to choose.  But then kids never came, and I got a degree, and they wanted me to do stuff.  And then I hated it, and tried other things.  And when I hated them, I tried new things.

When people find out what you do, what question do they usually ask you?
They ask if I will edit their papers.  I tell them no.

What insider information would you like to share?  
Retail will slowly kill you, but not as fast as high schoolers will.  People who truly love teaching are honest-to-goodness angels.  If your kid has a teacher who loves teaching, HOLD ON TO THEM AS LONG AS YOU CAN AND BUY THEM SONIC ROUTE 44s EVERY DAY.

If you had it to do all over again would you choose the same thing?  Why or why not?
I always wanted to be a marriage and family therapist, but thought it would be too hard to get into grad school.  Until I went to grad school.  (GRAD SCHOOL IS SO EASY.)  And--here's a secret--I think when I pay off my student loans I might go back.  So, you know, when I am 75.

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carblemarble said...

Love your honesty here Jen. Thank you.

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