11 December 2012

Wonder Forge Games Reveiw

Do you love board games?  We really, really love board games at our house.  On weekends and holidays you'll find us gathered around the kitchen table, gaming it up.  Yesterday Lew was home sick from school and he requested that we play a few board games to pass the time.

One of the games we played was Who Shook Hook?  This game is hands on, and once you've read the directions, requires no further reading.  This game was perfect for a five year old who loves board games, but can only sound out simple words.  We had a great time trying to steal Captain Hook's treasure from his hammock without "waking" him (think Operation, but without the startling buzzer).

Never Land Challenge is another fun game for the preschool crowd.  Admittedly, it's a little young for my kids, so I'll be passing it along to little cousins.  But, the "get up and move" aspect to it is fantastic.  Players need to complete challenges such as balancing things on their heads, tiptoeing and crawling through things.  The preschool crowd would eat this one up!

Here's a dirty little secret you may not know about our family:  we're total science geeks. TOTAL science geeks.  My husband has degrees (yes, multiple) in physics.  At the dinner table we talk about things like Nasa's latest project, Einstein's equations, and Tycho Brahe.  All this geekiness means that we about fell over the first time we saw Mythbusters several years ago.  And now there's a board game, full of science geek trivia.  Ummm, yes please.  Also, come one, who doesn't want to catapult test dummy Buster into the air?

Occasionally we like to use the other half of our brains too.  We love word games like Banangrams and Scrabble, but Konexi takes it to the next level.  Finding ways to spell in 3-D is pretty cool, and the added suspense of not knocking over the game keeps kids engaged.  Sweet!  I'm looking forward to  playing this one often with Goosey, who struggles in the spelling department.

*I was sent one of each of these games to review, but the opinions are all my own.

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