13 November 2012

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter review

This past summer, at BlogHer, I was thrilled to meet up with a representative from Zippo who was showing off some of their new products--none of which were lighters.  Because, let's be honest, while a Zippo lighter is absolutely classic, smoking is on the way out friends.  One of their new products is an Emergency Fire Starter kit.

While the product is intended for outdoor use, I decided to test it out in our fireplace.  During the last two weeks we have been in the path of both a super storm and a nor'easter.  In both cases thousands of household lost power, which usually means they lost heat as well.  So, in the spirit of preparedness, I like be ready for any storm that might come our way.

The kit comes in a handy water resistant container, about the size of a pack of floss.  The container houses the spark wheel, and it also holds four tinder sticks.

The tinder sticks are waxed, again to help with water resistance.  The heads are cottony and catch fire pretty easily.

I really wanted to test this out, so I picked up sticks from my yard.  Wet sticks.  I was impressed with how long the tinder sticks burned--much longer than a match.  They also stayed lit when being moved around.

 And....we have fire!

Once I got my kindling going, I transferred it up to my logs, and voila!  A fire!  My fire crackled and burned for a few hours this morning.

I'm thinking that I'll be purchasing a few more of these fire starting kits. I want one in each car, as well as one in our 72 hour kit.  I also think they'd make fabulous stocking stuffers for the hikers and campers in our family.

*Zippo sent me an Emergency Fire Starter kit and replacement Tinder Sticks to review.  I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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