03 October 2012

Running a little late

Happy first day of school!  Okay, so really this was three weeks ago, but we were unpacking and organizing and etc.  The kids are actually in their fourth week of school now, but I didn't want to deprive the grandmas of first day photos.

 We have a kindergartner!  Lew is extra excited because in our new school district kindergartners ride the bus!

Dogger started second grade.  He was a little nervous about a new school, and making new friends.  But, let's be honest:  who wouldn't love this kid?

And Goosey.  The big fourth grader.  I gave up trying to get her to wear shoes other than sneakers to school.  She likes to run at recess.  I can't argue with that.

Three cute kids, ready to head to school.  Too bad we missed the bus on their first day.  It was five minutes early!

Ready to walk into a new adventure!  New school, new teachers, new friends!

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Popcorn House said...

SO FUN! Looks like they all are so excited to be heading off for their first day. They will never forget missing the bus. Can't believe our little guys are in Kindergartners!!! They grow up so fast!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!

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