13 October 2012

Goosey's Birthday Outing

Goosey chose to go to a zoo for her birthday this year.  While we have a large zoo near us in Philadelphia, we chose to go for a scenic drive to the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  We were so glad with this choice because it wasn't overcrowded, and it was just the right size--no one got cranky or tired!  It even had a playground.  Awesome.

Ostriches.  Creepy or funny?

The African penguins were our second favorite (after the river otters).  So cute! 
The river we forded on the way out of the zoo.  Sooooooo pretty!

1 comment:

Popcorn House said...

Such a pretty place zoo!!! I love when places aren't so crowded! Happy Birthday "Goosey"! :O)

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