04 September 2012

Moving on

I write this as a packer is fitting my home into cardboard boxes.  It seems so unreal.  We are moving.  It was only three and half weeks ago that Craig got a job offer that would take us to Philadelphia, so I'm still reeling from the surprise.

I spent five of my almost seven years here, in New Hampshire, wanting to leave.  Craig had a job that would allow him to work from anywhere, and I desperately wanted that where to be the Pacific Northwest.  I spent my daydreaming time imaging a miracle that would allow us to escape from the prison that is our underwater,  upside-down home.  It was the thing that was technically possible, but that I just couldn't seem to make happen.  So I felt robbed and tortured by the idea of what could be.

Nine months ago I stopped feeling that way.  I decided that we were in New England for the long haul.  I stopped looking online at houses in Spokane and wishing I could be elsewhere.  I figured I might as well make the best of where I was, so I set to it.  And perhaps I finally decided to bloom where I was planted, as we so often hear we ought to do.

And now we're on our way to a new adventure.  Craig's new job requires him to be in an office in downtown Philadelphia, so I don't anticipate the longing for what "could be".  I'm looking forward to exploring a new part of the country and to making new friends.  But, I'm surprised to find myself a little sad to be leaving our neighborhood, friends, and school.


Shannon said...

Funny how perspective can change. Enjoy your new adventure!

Shelly said...

Let me know your new address for Christmas cards :) good luck with the move.

The Streiffs said...

Yea for new adventures. Good luck.

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