23 July 2012

Suzanne, CNA and Nursing Student

Last year I wrote a blog post about my brother-in-law that generated a comment about how interesting my family is.  I realized that it's so true!  My family is super interesting.  Each Monday I'll be interviewing a family member (or dear friend).  I hope you enjoy these Meet Me Monday posts.

Suzanne and me, 2011.

Today's interview is with my friend, Suzanne.

Where do you live?
In the Great Plains.

What are your hobbies or special interests?
I love to read, sing and spend time with my family.

What is your current profession?
I am a full time student working towards my BSN degree.  I am also a part time CNA (certified nursing assistant) at a local nursing home, I work in the dementia unit Before going back to work/school, I was a stay at home mom for seven years plus years.  

What made you choose that line of work?
When Samuel our youngest was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I spent three solid months researching medical journals, books and talking/reading to parents with children with special needs.  I was desperate to know more, and to be proactive with his treatment plan.  I discovered that I loved learning about the human body and in reading/talking with other parents I realized that I could help others when they hear news they weren't expecting.  As parents we spent the next two years working with our little guy.  Sam will always have cerebral palsy, but he is very fortunate that he is such mildly effective and he is very active, stubborn five year old boy.  

When people find out what you do what question do they usually ask you?
Is it weird that no one really asks me about my work/school?  But when people find out we have five kids they ask a lot of questions?  It is not very common where we live.  Recently when I was taking our oldest and our youngest to get their school shots (littlest starting Kindergarten and oldest starting MIDDLE SCHOOL) the nurse asked how do you keep track of all of the shots they need?!?

What question do you wish they would ask?  Or, what insider information would you give them?
One of my favorite residents at work who has NINE kids told me once when I asked her to give me her best mom advice.  You can't do everything all at once, don't try to multi-task but you can do it all eventually you just have to be patient with yourself.  I think this sums up my life right now.  

If you had it to do all over again would you choose the same thing?  Why or why not?
Yes, even though I am not all the way through with school/career.  I would do the same thing again.  Juggling school with two little boys, then one little boy around was very challenging but I think they learned a lot by watching me study.  Last year when I was taking Anatomy and Physiology our four year old at the time used to help me study for my exams.  He still remembers the names of a few bones.  

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