30 July 2012

Rachel, Project Designer and Architect Candidate

Last year I wrote a blog post about my brother-in-law that generated a comment about how interesting my family is.  I realized that it's so true!  My family is super interesting.  Each Monday I'll be interviewing a family member (or dear friend).  I hope you enjoy these Meet Me Monday posts.

Today's interview is with my sister-in-law, Rachel.

Where do you live?
NW Arkansas

What are your hobbies or special interests?
Architecture, Digital/Generative Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Fashion/Styling, Watercolor, graphite rendering, all things Art/Making/Creative.

What is your current profession?
BArch '07.  Project Designer (Architect candidate).  I have worked in a traditional Architecture office environment and for a critically acclaimed Architecture firm, Morphosis in Santa Monica, CA.  I am working on my licensing tests and currently running a digital technology lab at the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas.  The lab is open to all Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture students for them to produce models and generate research in their area of interest.  I get to run and operate a 3-axis CNC router, a 3d printer, and laser cutters, not to mention access to a great wood shop.

What made you choose that line of work? 
I originally chose Architecture as a degree path because it "mixed my creative and analytic sides," or at least that is what I thought as a high school senior.  I always had the ability to visualize and understand spatial concepts.  Architecture education gave me the tools to understand that ability.  Learning about digital design is just one current aspect of design that I get the privilege of pursuing now and hopefully pursue in grad school.

When people find out what you do, what question do they usually ask you?
Once I finally get through explaining what I do, people are usually shocked that I have a job doing that; it is such a little niche within the design world.  One question I get a lot about being an Architect is "You must have to know a lot of math".  I would like to know more Math and am required to know if something is right or wrong, but the reality is calculations are done by engineers.  I tend to explain that I know a little about a lot.

What question do you wish they would ask?  Or, what insider information would you give them?
People should ask, how does design affect me?  From the pen we write with or room we sleep in, we are constantly defined by the objects and spaces that we use.  Some insider info is:  Technology and Design is the third industrial revolution.  Be on the lookout! 

If you had it to do all over again would you choose the same thing?  Why or why not?
I  would choose the exact same thing.  I am grateful that I have identified a talent and can use that talent to effect change.  It is very fulfilling.   

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amm said...

a great post! i have a cool sister (and you have a cool sister-in-law)! Thanks for showing her off! and i love the picture.

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