19 June 2012

Teacher Quilts

Mrs. St.P,  Ms. C.,  Lew,  Mrs. M.,  Miss McD.

For the last two years Lew has been attending preschool at our local technology high school.  They have a program that allows high schoolers who are interested in careers that work with children to learn about child development, and then practice it by helping in the preschool two days each week. 

The entire experience was amazing, largely due to the teachers.  We wanted to do something special for them, so Lew and I found out their favorite colors, did a little fabric hunting, then whipped up some lap quilts.

Ms. C's quilt.
Mrs. M's quilt.

Mrs. St.P's quilt.

Miss McD's quilt.
 I'm happy to report that each teacher was thrilled with the colors and fabrics we picked....we tried to match their personalities, and I think we did pretty well.  Love those ladies!

1 comment:

Mrs. Organic said...

So beautiful! I love all of these.

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