28 June 2012

19 June 2012

Teacher Quilts

Mrs. St.P,  Ms. C.,  Lew,  Mrs. M.,  Miss McD.

For the last two years Lew has been attending preschool at our local technology high school.  They have a program that allows high schoolers who are interested in careers that work with children to learn about child development, and then practice it by helping in the preschool two days each week. 

The entire experience was amazing, largely due to the teachers.  We wanted to do something special for them, so Lew and I found out their favorite colors, did a little fabric hunting, then whipped up some lap quilts.

Ms. C's quilt.
Mrs. M's quilt.

Mrs. St.P's quilt.

Miss McD's quilt.
 I'm happy to report that each teacher was thrilled with the colors and fabrics we picked....we tried to match their personalities, and I think we did pretty well.  Love those ladies!

16 June 2012

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts Giveaway

Have you seen the trailer for Small, Beautifully Moving Parts?  It debuted at SXSW last year and I'm dying to see it.  Lucky me, it's showing in at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for a week, beginning June 21st.

But, even luckier you, the MFA Boston has given me two tickets to give to you!  So you can take your husband, boyfriend, mom, sister, co-worker, BFF....whomever you'd like, but definitely enter to win these tickets.

To Enter: Take the link for the showings and leave a comment telling me which time you want to go to the movie.  Make sure that the link takes me somewhere that allows me to email you, or leave your email address in the comments.  Entries must be in by 8am on Tuesday, June 20th.

Good luck!

*MFA Boston and Long Shot Factory have provided the tickets for this giveaway, but I was in no way compensated for this post.

07 June 2012

Wish I had a sun room

A blue house with white shutters is such a classic look.  I'm also coveting the sun room on this house.  If only....

06 June 2012

Sullivan's Quilt

I've got another nephew on the way.  I sent this little quilt off so he could have it for tummy time.  Crossing my fingers he shows up this week.

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