01 May 2012

Let's Get Moving

Do you worry about your kids getting enough exercise? I do. We live in a climate that isn't outdoor friendly for 4-6 months out of the year. Yikes! I try to keep my kids in at least one sportsy extracurricular activity, but sometimes there's a lag between seasons, and sometimes running the three of them around is just plain crazy.

For the next six months we'll be exercising together, as a family, for the Manchester Kids Marathon. I've written up a quick description/information post on Today's Mama.

If you live locally I hope to see you at the Marathon. If you're not near me, it's a great program that you can use with your family anywhere! Let's get moving!


Anonymous said...

We are participating in this as well! For a little over a month we have been running together as a family each morning, Mon.-Sat. Some of us log 1-3 miles, others 4-6, per day and we just completed our first 5k as a family!

Getting up early proved to be a challenge at first but as each day past it got easier and easier and now we all love getting up to run. The city streets prove too busy and the lack of sidewalks is not safe for the kids so we run at Memorial High School track. It's great exercise and great fun!

Popcorn House said...

Same for us in North Dakota! We try to keep them active and exercising but by spring we are all super happy to be out and about. One way that I do that is walk to get them from school when we can. We live 1.5 miles away from the school, so Sam and I get a good 3 mile walk, and the school kids get 1.5. They love walking and the extra time we get to talk. Good luck with the marathon :o) Sounds like such great fun!

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