27 May 2012

In today's newspaper

Dear Editor,
The Manchester Board of Alderman and Mayor does NOT have the privilege of choosing where or how the school funds are spent.  They have the responsibility and power to approve allocation of the funds to the school district.  Period.  The sooner the Board members realize this, the sooner they can vote and get it over with.  

Rather than repeatedly calling Dr. Brennan to their meetings so that they can harass him while showing their complete ignorance in all things school related, they should be listening to their constituents.  The constituents who are repeatedly emailing, calling, and attending public hearings in large numbers to tell them that they want the tax cap to be over ridden and the school district to be funded above the mayor's proposed budget amount.

If they're not going to approve an alternate budget then they should just vote and get it done with.  Then we can start planning for the next election when can elect aldermen who care actually about our children and our schools. 

Tired of the games,

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Anonymous said...

Time to pick a new mayor & Alderman!! Tired of our schools not getting funding they need!!

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