29 March 2012

An Open Letter to the Mayor

Mr. Mayor,
I am writing to voice my complete disgust with the budget you presented.  To ask the school district to come up with an additional $2 million in cuts, after already dealing with the $10 million shortage is just plain shameful.  

Are you truly suggesting that the taxpayers’ money would be better spent purchasing $435,000 worth of recycling bins?  Let people purchase them themselves.  Or, better yet, write it into the contract with the recycling company that they must provide the bins.  As things stand now, our recycling bins will be more technologically advanced, with their embedded radio-frequency identification chips, than our schools.

$250,000 for the Derryfield Country Club?  Again, is our city willing to spend funds for a recreational facility while our schools are languishing?  Let’s take care of basics first, then we can add the frills.

And, to top it all off, you suggest $19,000 (plus any surplus) for Elm Street sidewalks?   This project is already bonded at $380,000 so why are we throwing more money and “surplus” at it?  The last time I walked downtown I didn’t trip or notice any huge disrepair with the sidewalks.  I have seen schools that need to be updated and students who need basic supplies and services.

Let’s be honest, you still have room in the tax cap for another $85,000.  Use it.  Give it, and the funding mentioned above, to the schools.  It wouldn’t cover all  the $2 million you’ve asked the school board to cut, but it would certainly help.

I’m begging you to quit trying to bully the teachers union into doing what you want.  Enough with the political games and need to make everyone cow to your way of doing things.  You have a chance to do something good here.  A chance to invest in Manchester’s real future, it’s children.  Take that chance.

With total sincerity,

**My local friends, please contact your aldermen to let them know that the mayor's proposed budget is unacceptable.  Let me know if you need information on getting in touch with them.


Unknown said...

well said my friend!

Maria said...


Anonymous said...


Pat Morris said...

Outstanding letter! Was it sent to the mayor or just on this blog? I hope it got sent! I'm definitely putting it on my FB page if I can figure out how:-)
Pat Morris
(One of the 161 teachers who will be laid off)

cabesh said...

Yes Mrs. Morris, I did send it to the mayor. I emailed it to him and got a very generic response--I'm guessing from one of his staff. I also sent a pared down version to the Union Leader for the Letters to the Editor (they only allow 200 words).

Just copy the URL and paste it into your FB status, or use the FB share button at the very bottom of the post.

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