04 March 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad, circa 1992
About a month ago my brother emailed the extended family with an idea for my dad's birthday.  He suggested we all celebrate my dad by dressing up as him in all his 80's glory....mustache and all.  

Who am I to deny such a tribute?

Craig honoring Dad's ability to think deeply about the puzzles of life....like how fast you need to drive to hit the minimal number of raindrops.

Me honoring the rancher in my dad--hat and denim jacket included.

Mischievous much?  Both Goosey and Grandpa enjoy a good joke or prank.

 Perhaps Lew's smile was inherited? (See top photo)

Dogger looking the truest to life with that 'stache.


Alexis said...

Too funny! I love the different 'staches.

La Yen said...


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