23 December 2011


My Auntie Bev always made these yummy treats for Christmas.  I just finished up my batch for this year.  If you're looking for one more little something to fill up your goody plates give these a try.  I promise you won't be sorry.

Mix together in (very) large bowl:
2 cups Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch
2 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups shelled, salted peanuts
2 cups mini marshmallows

Melt 2 lbs. almond bark and pour over contents of bowl.  Mix until coated.  Drop spoonfuls onto wax paper and let harden.  Enjoy!

22 December 2011

Filled with Christmas Spirit

We may not have any snow, but you can't dampen our Christmas spirit.  That's what I love about my house this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

15 December 2011

Seeing through the fog

It was a foggy day, and I only had my cell phone camera, but oh this house!  The porch, the woodwork, the turret, the dormers....and it's in an old, very wealthy, seaside town.

12 December 2011

Fitness Report

Last week I didn't check in with my fitness report.  To be honest, Monday came and went and I completely spaced weighing in or writing my post.  And now here it is, another Monday and I find myself remembering what I should do.....but I'm not going to.

I'm giving myself the gift of taking the month of December off.  This does NOT mean I will be eating uncontrollably, but rather I will be enjoying the treats of the season (within reason) and starting anew in January.  I'm also hoping this break will let my body get used to my current weight (I've lost just shy of 20 lbs in 5 months folks!), and then it will be ready to start losing again when I kick into gear.

So there it is.  But, stay tuned in January--I always get a good start with a new year.

08 December 2011

02 December 2011

Life can be so hard

Do you ever have those weeks when you realize how incredibly easy your life is?

This week the father of Goosey's classmate passed away after a long battle with Parkinsons Disease.  He had been in the hospital for a year.  An eight year old losing his father.  It makes me physically hurt to think about it.

One of Lew's classmates has been in the hospital all week.  He should return to school today.  The teachers haven't been given permission to tell us his diagnosis, so we're all anxious for today when he will return and the mom can update us.  We're crossing our fingers and hoping it's something manageable, and not something terminal.

And then there's the little sister of one of Lew's classmates.  Her mom told me yesterday that she's having brain surgery next Wednesday.  Two years old, and having brain surgery.  I could tell the mother is scared to death, but was trying not to break down as she told me about it.  

Hug your families and count your blessings.
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