20 November 2011

Wants and Shoulds

I always feel conflicted when I come away from stake conference.  If you know me, you know that my fondest dream, hope and desire is to move back to the Pacific Northwest.  It's where my heart is, and where half of our family resides.  I want to be there.

When I attend stake conference I am reminded of how needed we are in this part of the world.  We listen to speakers who remind us of our daily circumstances.  The northeast has the lowest percentage of Latter-day Saints in the country.  We are few and far between.  Many of our members are new converts, still adjusting to a new way of life.  Our church attendance is low in numbers and the burden of keeping our ward and stake functioning generally falls on the shoulders of a (young) few.  And it's hard work.

There are many, many times when I wish we could move back west, not only to be near family and surroundings that are comfortably home, but to rest.  Yet, at the same time, I feel like we are doing good here.  Our service is meaningful and needed and I wonder if we should just make a go of it and plan on staying here.  And then I'm reminded of our friend, Brother Lam.

When we were first married Brother Lam once told us, "Someday you will live in a place where you're the best the Church has."  Sometimes I think Brother Lam must have the gift of prophecy.

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La Yen said...

I feel you. I so desperately want to live back in the old neighborhood, to no longer have to stretch and grow. But the Lord keeps sending us (and keeping us) in places where WE are the experienced ones. And as much as I want to serve Him, I also want to be the bulletin board coordinator and take a nap.

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