29 November 2011

Swastika Sighting

A couple of weeks ago Dogger taped a new decoration to his bedroom door.  Craig and I were a little curious about the design, so we asked him where he came up with the shape.  He told us he had seen it in a movie.

"Which movie?" I asked, interested to learn where my 6 year old had been introduced to a swastika.

"On all those submarines.  In that movie, you know, The Great Mr. Limpit.  And, in The Sound of Music.  It's on the new Austrian flag, the black spider."

Turns out I introduced my kids to a symbol, that today, is most often used to represent Nazism, Fascism and White Supremacy.  Huh.

1 comment:

Popcorn House said...

What a cute decoration though! Funny that he remembered the symbol!

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