09 November 2011

New Hampshire Children's Museum

The kids had yesterday off school for voting (don't get me started).  We wanted to do something fun with Grammie, so we went to The Children's Museum of New Hampshire.  The drive took about an hour, but it looked like this...
...so no complaints.

We've been to the Boston Children's Museum, and I assumed this one wouldn't compare.  I was wrong.  It was smaller, but all the exhibits were hands on and it wasn't crowded at all.  There were so many things to do!

Lew putting paint on an apple to do some stamping.

 Goosey playing postwoman in the old timey post office.  This was definitely her favorite, 
and she wished we could've gone back and done it again at the end of the day.

Dogger racing a car he built.

There was so much more--digging for dinosaur bones, learning how to weave, hoisting the sail on a boat, exploring a yellow submarine....  It was fantastic.

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