11 November 2011

New England Quilt Museum

On Wednesday Grammie, Lew and I ventured to the New England Quilt Museum.  I had only heard negative things about the city of Lowell, so I was pleasantly surprised when I drove around the downtown area.  It was beautifully clean and updated while maintaining its 19th century charm.

This is the darling innercity park we were near.  Love it!

The museum is small, but had a beautiful exhibit; Patience to Raise the Sun.  The exhibit showcases quilts made by Hatian women who are trying to support their families.  The amazing thing?  Quilting is new to Haiti, since the earthquake.  It is being taught to women so that they can export their quilts to the United States to be sold.  Photography was not allowed, but the quilts are vibrant works of art.

The museum changes its main exhibit every 6-8 weeks, and I'm looking forward to going again when the next one opens.

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