28 November 2011

Fitness Report, Week 12

Truth:  I didn't even attempt to stick to my diet plan this week.  Between Thanksgiving and an AWOL contractor who has left us with one bathroom I was otherwise occupied.


Three days.


In addition to not sticking to my caloric intake I didn't make a snack plate.  I'll be tackling that and Healthy Change #13 this week.

Let's talk motivation.  In theory, the end result--feeling better, being in shape and weighing less-- should sufficiently motivate me to stick to my plan and keep going.  But, that's not human nature.  I need little incentives and celebrations along the way.  Before I began my fitness challenge I made a list of rewards.  Every five pounds I lose I get another reward.   The rewards, for the most part, start off small and get bigger as I drop more weight.  So far I've made an iTunes purchase (5lbs), bought a book on Amazon (10 lbs), and a bought a new shirt (15 lbs). Just a sampling of my future rewards: pedicure, new jeans, boots, massage, night out at the movies, and when I hit my goal weight, a weekend away with no kids.

Your rewards can be anything that motivates you.  I purposely didn't choose anything food related.  Most of my rewards are little pleasures and pamperings that I don't normally treat myself to.


Weight change from last week: +.4
Total Weight loss: 10.6 lbs
Neck measurement: no change
Waist measurement: no change

Hip measurement: no change

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