21 November 2011

Fitness Report, Week 11

I logged and stuck to my diet goals really well the first half of this week.  Then, Craig came home from NYC and it was a little harder to stick to.


Three days.


When Skip first posted his challenge relating to fats last March I was so excited.  I really love butter and was happy to have a reason to switch my family from the yogurt spread we've used the last few years to butter.  Butter is holidays at Grandma's house--who wouldn't love butter when the taste accompanies fond memories.  Several years ago we also began using olive oil more.  This was an easy (and enjoyable) challenge for me.

Last Friday I finally went to the doctor to address the cough I've had since August.  Turns out I've got bronchitis and an ear infection.  I'm on an antibiotic and am hoping I'll finally be feeling back to myself by Thanksgiving.


Weight change from last week: -2.2 lbs
Total Weight loss: 11 lbs
Neck measurement: no change
Waist measurement: no change

Hip measurement: no change

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