16 November 2011

Allowing others to serve

My visiting teachers came to visit this morning.  When I make time for them to visit me I usually feel that I'm allowing others to do service; being gracious enough to let them fulfill their assignment.  I don't really need visiting teachers-- I'm capable and confident and have things under control.  Rather smug of me, no?

This morning, as I was doing last minute clean-up before they arrived, I pondered the ladies who visit me.  One has children my age, and the other grandchildren my age.  I like that.  I think too often we surround ourselves with women who are much like us, and by doing so we miss out on opportunities and perspective.  I value these women and the experiences they share with me.

I also thought about past visits and how I felt when they were in my home.  As I remembered I realized that these two women are always building me, never tearing down.  There is no judgement, no preaching.  They praise me and my efforts, my children, my talents and abilities.  They are kind and sweet and always leave me with a kiss on the cheek.

Today was no different.  They shared and discussed and lifted me a little higher.  They praised and encouraged and loved.  They visit taught.

They might be a couple of quirky "old ladies", but I love those old ladies and I love how they serve me.

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LaurieBee said...

Oh my gosh! Where were you when I was Relief Society President?! I tried for 3 1/2 years to get the younger sisters to appreciate the older sisters! Thank you for realizing that a few gray hairs make for experience, wisdom, and more importantly love; not just "senior moments."

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