13 November 2011

5 Things

When road tripping, Craig usually needs a little help staying awake and focused.  This weekend he came up with the "5 Things" game.  He and I would take turns asking each other to name five things.  It was successful enough to keep us entertained for four hours.  Occasionally the categories were weak, but often they made us think and discuss further.  Here are a few from yesterday:

Name 5

  • subatomic particles
  • wives of Henry VIII
  • rivers in Europe
  • scientific principles
  • U.S. presidents who were assassinated or survived assassination attempts
  • ways of saying "Hello" in different languages
  • songs whose lyrics include numbers
  • signers of the Declaration of Independence

There were, obviously, many more to fill up four hours of driving.  What "5 Things" question would you have asked?

1 comment:

carblemarble said...

Our "5" Things (okay, more than 5):

*highest mountain peaks in the world

*best musicals

*countries without missionaries at this time

*first 5 prophets

*most used movie quotes

*last 5 nobel peace prize winners

*best candy bars

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