10 October 2011

Fitness Report, Week 5

This weekend was a little rough for the diet.  I didn't go completely overboard, but I had a couple of days when I went a little over my target.

Only three days.  My fourth day was hijacked by taking a sick child to the doctor.  Turns out she had pneumonia,  so it was a worthwhile trip.


Healthy Change #5 is one I've been working on since the beginning--exercise most days of the week and sweat.  For me, this is the hardest aspect of my fitness plan to achieve.  Because I exercise first thing in the morning I so often have other demands that seem to take precedence-- sick kids, doctors appointments, volunteering at the school.  When those things happen I fully intend to exercise in the evening instead, but to be completely honest, I'm usually exhausted (physically, mentally and emotionally) by that time and just want to relax.

I didn't have the most stellar week for my plan, but I think my body is understanding what I'm trying to do here because I still came out alright in the end.  Also, from my high weight point last June, I've lost more than 15 pounds and more than 5% of my body weight.  That feels good.

Oh, this week I also had someone ask me if I'd been losing weight.  That's a first.

Weight change from last week: -2.8 lbs
Total Weight loss: 7.6 lbs
Neck measurement: -.5 inches
Waist measurement: -1.0 inches
Hip measurement: no change

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