05 September 2011

My fitness plan

It's been about a year since I've known, absolutely, that I need to get back into shape.  My desire doesn't stem from vanity.  I gave that up long ago.  Rather, it stems from the need to feel better.  It's not about weight.  I want to feel good, to say goodbye to aches and pains, to be more able for my kids.

I've spent a lot of time researching different fitness and diet plans.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to do this the old fashioned way (as suggested by my doctor): increase activity, decrease caloric intake and make healthy choices.

Over the summer I tried to make smart choices and dropped 9 lbs. without too much effort.  Now that we're home from our summer journey, I'm ready go full force.  Each Monday I'll be posting about my experience the previous week.  Here's my plan:

I will track all food and beverages, aiming for a daily caloric intake that will allow me to lose 1 lb. per week.

I will workout at least 4x week, for at least 30 minutes.  I must sweat.

I will adopt one of Skip Hellewell's Healthy Changes each week.

Each Monday I will write a post reporting changes in weight and measurements.  I will also discuss my experience with the Healthy Change of the week and general observations.

I will re-evaluate my plan at the end of the year.   This gives me 4 months to try it out.  My doctor mentioned that most people go at a fitness/weight loss plan for 3 months, then give up, but after three months is when you really start to see results.

I'm a little nervous about doing this so publicly, but I'm hoping that will help me stick to it.  Cross your fingers for me.


dalene said...

Want some company? I got off track the end of January and want to get back on, but I'm a social fitness kind of gal. I know we're miles apart and #1 has been my last holdout, but if you want a cyber cohort, I'm game.

cabesh said...

Dalene-Yes! I'll email you. :)

SK said...

Steph and I are using myfitnesspal.com. It tracks calories and nutrients. It's been great and the results have been fabulous!

Popcorn House said...

I need to get back on the fitness wagon here too!!! I agree it isn't about weight it is about feeling good!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

carblemarble said...

Awesome! I need to do something more, myself. Good luck!!

Shannon said...

Working on that here, myself. Summer is the worst for me as far as exercise goes. I always do better when school starts. Good luck!

Queen Scarlett said...

I believe in you! You can do it!
I sort of fell off the wagon this last couple weeks. You've inspired me to get back to me.


Lindsey said...

Good for you! Tell you what, you lose it and I'll gain it! I'll be on the waggon with you by the time you get here next May...

Rachel said...

You're awesome! Cody and I too are trying to make some changes.

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