07 September 2011

Making our way home

Our drive home from Spokane went well.  Goosey fell in love with southeastern Montana.  She kept gushing about the wide open spaces, the mountains in the distance and all the room for horses to run.  She's in a horse phase right now.  Is it just the age?  Because I was 8 when I was in my horse phase (complete with an actual horse, 4-H, and lots of horse books).  Maybe I should see if I can dig up some of those books.  Hmmm...

Five days is a looooong time in the car, so we decided to plan a couple of surprises along the way.  The first one can be seen in the picture  below.

 Did you miss it?  Okay, here it is from a more obvious angle.

We had planned on stopping at the Mt. Rushmore National Park, but when we got there was a HUGE line of cars.  In the interest of time, we drove around to the back and saw the profile angle (the first picture), read the historical information and took some pictures.  The kids were happy with the experience, though they really wanted to see the lake from National Treasure 2.

The second surprise involved grandparents!

The kids were so surprised to knock on a hotel door in Iowa and have Grammie open it up.

My parents drove 10 hours (each way) just to see us on our way home.  Aren't they amazing?  They stayed at the same hotel as us, took us out to dinner, accompanied us to park, joined us for Cold Stone, then took us to breakfast the next morning.  Grandparents are the best.

All was going well until the last day of our trip when we entered the path Irene left behind her.  We were detoured off a road in Upstate New York and moved ~15 miles in 9 hours.  They wouldn't even let us off the detour route.  The biggest challenge was convincing Lew to go potty in the ditch.

It looked like this most of the time.

Once we finally got to a town, at 10pm, we were able to slip off the detour route and find a round-about way home.  We spent 18 hours in the car that day, but I'm pretty sure it would've been 24+ hrs if not for an atlas and a GPS to help us slip away.  We finally arrived home at 3am.  The summer adventure was complete.


Jessica said...

We are so glad to have you back! We missed you!

Shannon said...

What an awesome summer you had. Welcome home and back to reality.

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