19 September 2011

Fitness Report, Week 2

Nutritionally, it was not a good week.  I only tracked my food half the days last week.  I still tried to be aware of what I was eating, but I know there were days I went over on my caloric intake.  I'm back on track today.

Again, only three days of exercise....I've got to hit that 4th day.  Every member of my family has been battling this awful cough/congestion thing for three weeks.  The burning lungs, and along with Craig being in NYC for a business trip didn't bode well for my motivation.  Today I'm feeling a little better and Craig is home, so I'm going to get back on it.

When I read  Healthy Change #2 I thought it wouldn't be a problem.  I rarely eat deep fat fried foods.  In fact, it mostly happens at the same time I drink soda (see Healthy Change #1), or about once a month.  But, the change does say NEVER buy them.  Saturday night we suffering through the disaster that was the BYU football game and decided to order dinner.  It was until we were eating that I realized I was eating chicken tenders and onion rings (a guilty pleasure--I love good onion rings).  It'll be the last time I have those in a long while.

I am encouraged by all the support I'm receiving on my fitness plan.  From PTA moms to ladies at church to my husband's aunt and uncle, everyone has been so positive and encouraging.  Like I wrote in my initial plan, I'm putting myself out there a bit, which makes me nervous, but so far you all have been great.  Last week wasn't stellar, but I'm ready to buckle down and work hard this week.

Weight change from last week: +0.2 lbs
Total Weight loss: 2.4 lbs
Neck measurement: no change
Waist measurement: no change
Hip measurement: no change


Popcorn House said...

I always get frustrated with myself when I have a "off" week. But really if you are making a life style change, these weeks are going to come up. Sick, sick kids, husband out of town.....weeks like that are hard on every part of your life so of course the diet/work out is going to suffer too. GREAT JOB only gaining .2 through all of that!

Shannon said...

Keep up the good work. Getting back on track is the hardest part, which is why so many of us (me) don't do it as often as we (I) should.

On a side note- That game was rather depressing. Spencer and I were working at one of the concession stands to raise money for band. We didn't realize at first that we were under the bleachers for Utes fans. We kept hearing stomping feet and cheering and then get awful reports from people stopping to buy something. The only good we could see is that BYU fans might want to drown their sorrows in a hot dog and soda. I don't know of it really happened or not, I haven't heard our total earnings. Sad night, though.

Janny said...

You can do it!

I have been trying to lose 15 pounds of baby weight and I have been having an amazing week followed by a crummy week for the past month. Ack. The important thing is to stick with it even when you have crummy weeks. I admire you for doing this. You can do it!

PS Miss you guys :(

carblemarble said...

You are motivating me to try to do better! I wish I was as brave as you to put myself out there. KEEP GOING, you can do it! Love ya!

La Yen said...

I'm sorry, but if the Lord won't relax the Word Of Wisdom when His team plays so pathetically, then we get fried foods when we watch them play so pathetically. It is doctrine

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