08 September 2011

Detour House

The one advantage to our horrendous detour through upstate New York was the scenery.  As we drove by this house I became intrigued.  Yes, it needs some TLC, but it's still an interesting home.  I love the half windows in the attic story.  I also think the blue screen door is a wonderful bright little spot of color.

The setting was gorgeous.  Did these cows line up just for me?  Probably not, but I love cows and barns.

Corn fields set against a beautiful countryside?  I definitely wouldn't mind looking out my front windows at this scenery.

But, the thing that really intrigued me was the inhabitants of the home:  Amish.  I would love to peek inside an Amish home.

 The neighbors seemed pleasant too.

And the idea of picking berries along the side of the road for a dessert is just perfect.

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