02 September 2011


Evidently 3rd graders are far too cool to smile.  Goosey is excited to move to the "senior" playground this year.

First grade at our school means riding the bus, eating lunch at school and Specials (art, library, gym, health and music).  Dogger is super excited for all things 1st grade will bring.

The bus stop crowd this year.  It's double the size of last Fall.

Ready for a new year.  Look at all those books!  Yikes.  I've heard 3rd grade is when things really pick up.

He's so excited to be sitting across from a friend.

The first day of school deserves a celebration,  which means it's time to pick our Hallmark Back-to-School Confidence Pack winner.  #5--Meri.  Congratulations!

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1 comment:

Rob Allen said...

No way!?!

Miss you guys.

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