01 August 2011

Wide shoe shopping

I have wide feet.  I usually wear flip flops, from the time the snow melts until the snow starts again.  In the winter I have worn my Doc Martens until this last season when I found a great pair of snow boots at Land's End.  When I find a cute pair of church shoes that fit I buy them and wear them until they fall apart.  But I'm struggling to find a cute pair of sandals.

I have been to many stores, with no luck.  I want something comfortable enough to walk in, but cute enough to be a little dressy.  So far everything I've found that's wide enough is either uncomfortable or is a hiking type sandal.  I'm hesitant to order something online because who knows how it will fit.

Do you have wide feet?  Suggestions?  Brands you love?


~j. said...

Have you checked Nordstrom? I don't know about wide widths specifically, but I know that they do all they can in the realm of customer service, and perhaps they can help you find what you're looking for.

Azúcar said...

Don't be scared to order online. Read the reviews, others will let you know if shoes run large or small, and it is usually very easy to return in the unlikely event you want to trade.

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