02 August 2011

What I ended up with

Today I made it to an independent shoe store that I've been trying to get to for a month.  They close two hours before my kids go to bed, so I haven't been there before (shoe shopping with children=crazy me).  The saleslady at the store was fantastic and pointed me toward these shoes.

 They're wide, with a little heel and super comfy.

The store only had them in black patent leather, but I saw them on Amazon in brown too (wish list!).  I went ahead and bought them because I really wanted something comfortable to wear at Blogher '11, which is where I'm headed tomorrow.  If they treat my feet well during the conference then Aravon will have a repeat customer in the future.


Lindsey said...

Wait... I thought you were going to a LOGGING conference!

cabesh said...

You should've heard the discussion on that last night at Uncle John's party. Do I seem like a logging conference kind of girl?

Lindsey said...

Do you really want me to answer that? :) Kevin and I have been saying that whenever one of us leaves the house. "Oh, you're going to the store? I thought you were going to a logging conference!"

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