18 August 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

My sister-in-law Jamie is the kind of person who doesn't like anyone to go to any trouble on her account.     Because of this there was no baby shower planned for her.  But, since it's her first baby and this family LOVES babies and all things baby, we had a surprise shower for her, in conjunction with our family picnic.

 Jamie and her partner, Ian, were so cute opening the gifts.  They had a good giggle over the Pee Pee Teepees (courtesy of another SIL, Stephanie).

Tiny shoes are always fun, and I love this picture of Ian.  He looks so delighted.

 Ian was also very good about modeling the clothing and this towel.  Jamie would open a gift, look at it, then drape it over Ian's chest for us to admire.  Too cute.

 Goosey made this blanket (with a little help from Grandmommy) for baby Fritz.

Jamie and Ian are studying the diagram on how to swaddle.  They are going to be the most adorable parents and we are super excited for little Fritz to come this Fall.

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