16 August 2011

Larrabee State Park

 On Saturday, after family portraits, we had a picnic at Larrabee State Park.  The drive to the park is worth the trip.  It's along Chuckanut Drive, a gorgeously dramatic scenic route that hugs the Puget Sound shoreline.

The picnic area had a fun little playground, a pavilion and an amphitheater.  The kids had a blast meeting new friends, playing soccer and being with all the aunts and uncles.  A couple of hours into the picnic we decided to hike down the cliff to the little beach front.  It's more of a pebbly beach made for exploring than a sandy, lounging one.

Goosey and Aunt Stefi hunted for sea glass.  They found three pretty little pieces that I'd like to make into a necklace for Goosey.

Dogger was obsessed with the rocks that had been eaten away by years of waves.  

Lew enjoyed watching the crabbing boats while contemplating his future in piracy.

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Pink Posts said...

haha! Love that last picture and comment!

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