03 August 2011

From the Oakland airport

I'm on my way to BlogHer '11 and have seen three airports in three hours time--one more to go. Spokane was awesome--I forgot how pleasant non-New Englanders are.  The TSA workers were so friendly, courteous and funny.  For reals.  I just glimpsed Portland from the airplane while we dropped off the majority of our passengers and picked up a few more before going to Oakland.  Portland was "my" airport before I got married.  I sat there looking at it, recalling fond memories and being reminded of how much I love Oregon (the trees!  the water!  the hippies!)

I'm sitting in Oakland right now, thinking about this fun weekend I'm headed into.  I get to spend it with Queen Scarlett, whom I've known since I was 18 (longer than my husband), ~j, my friend from Provo to whom I never had to justify my dissatisfaction with our neighborhood, and Positively O whom I am super excited to meet (seriously, doesn't she seem amazing?).

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