15 August 2011

East meets West

For years Craig has wanted to take water from the Atlantic Ocean, near our home, and pour it into the Pacific Ocean when we visit the West.  In all our preparations to get things ready to go to Spokane we failed to get the Atlantic water.  

The night before we left our friend, Staci,  gave me a bottle of Atlantic water when I picked Goosey up from Activity Days.  She had been at the beach that day and her husband, Dan, called her and asked her to bring home a bottle of water for Craig.  Craig had told Dan about wanting to do this, but not making it over to the seacoast before we were leaving.

This weekend we were in the Puget Sound area.  On Saturday we had a picnic at a beachfront park, but accidentally left the water in our hotel room.  So, Sunday morning, on our way out of town, we found the water and Craig got his chance.  

He poured it over a cliff, into the Sound.

Thank you Dan and Staci for being so thoughtful and making Craig's desire come true.


Dan & Staci said...

Glad it worked out. Dan mentioned that he got an email from Craig saying that you were headed to go put the water in. Man it looks like you guys are having a blast!

Shannon said...

So glad you guys are having such a fun summer. We miss seeing your little (or not so little any more!) guys. Have a great rest of August!

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