11 August 2011

BlogHer '11

Me and Queen Scarlett
There is no way to fully relate the experience of BlogHer to someone who has never been.  It was awesome and crazy and occasionally disappointing all at the same time.

My roommates (Fomerly Phread, Queen Scarlett and Mrs. O) were amazing.  Sometimes I forget how much I like to hang out with other women, and these three are cream of the crop.  They "made" the experience for me.

The Expo Hall was just plain fun.  It was so interesting to see all the booths, hear their pitches and get swag-- Dr. Scholl's I love you.  We went to two parties, one was a bust (Sparklecorn DJ= Boooooo!) one was fun (Yay Cheeseburgher!).

Highlights:  Seeing Queen Scarlett for the first time in over nine years.  Love that girl.  Formerly Phread teaching the Single Ladies dance in a Blogher session.  A-mazing!  The incredible view from our room--corner room with two walls of windows.

Next year in NYC?  I'm thinking yes.

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