24 June 2011

Upper Midwest

I am enamored with the Upper Midwest.  Today was my first foray in to the region.  I found Wisconsin particularly fetching.  It was just lovely--trees, hills, green, rural.  Sign me up!

As we were driving I mentioned to Craig that it was odd, but the foliage and the soil color reminded me of the Oregon coast.  When we pulled off at a rest area we discovered that we were in the Sand Counties of Wisconsin.  Who knew that a large area of Wisconsin has extremely sandy soil?  Not me.  Until today.

The highlight of the day was having dinner with our dear friends, Suzanne and Daniel.  We were neighbors in Provo during our pre-children days and Suzanne quickly became one of my best friends.  We haven't seen them in eight years.  They've added three children since the last time we met, and we've added two.  Put us all together and the result is the waitress asking us if we were there for a birthday party ("No, it's just our children.  Thanks.").

As Suzanne observed at the end of the evening, "You know when you're good friends because you pick up right where you left off.  It's not like that with everyone."  She's right, it's not, but I'm so glad it is with her.  And I sincerely hope we won't have to wait eight more years to put it to the test.

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Popcorn House said...

I hope it won't be eight more years too. The kids were asking when we would see you guys again. They all had such a great time playing together!!!

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