22 June 2011

One day down, four to go

Today's drive took us across the Northeast.  The northeast, to me, is wild and unpredictable.  I know that sounds backward from the commonly held view, but that's how I see it.  The acres of trees, vines and thick underbrush provide ample hiding places for all manner of little (and not so little) beasties.  The humidity facilitates the growth of insects and spiders (in both size and number) unlike anything I grew up with on the west coast.  The weather varies in extremes with subzero winters that include piles of snow and near triple digit summer temperature, topped off with stifling humidity.

Still, as I drive I find myself saying to Craig, "I love this.  I could live here."  The history of New England, the farms of upstate New York, the hills of Pennsylvania.  I want first hand experience with each of them.

Tomorrow my mind will turn to the virtues of the Midwest.

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